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Latest News

The good and bad of MRI evaluation of the urothelial tract

News 1 month ago

When performed properly, MR urography (MRU) can be an alternative to CT urography (CTU) for imaging of the entire urinary tract. Some radiologists may prefer MRU for pediatric populations, patients undergoing repeat examinations, and individuals with compromised renal functions. However, […]

NT-proBNP linked to brain damage

News 2 months ago

Levels of a protein in the blood associated with heart disease are also linked to early-stage brain damage, according to a study by Meike W. Vernooij, M.D., Ph.D., the study’s lead author and a neuroradiologist at Erasmus MC University Medical […]

Radiology: Study finds differences in CCTA plaque measurements

News 2 months ago

State-of-the-art coronary CT angiography with same-vendor follow-up has good scan-rescan reproducibility, suggesting a role of coronary CT angiography in monitoring coronary artery plaque response to therapy. Differences between coronary CT angiography vendors resulted in lower scan-rescan reproducibility. concludes a study […]

Kennis delen in een beveiligde omgeving

News 2 years ago

Alle websites van iDoctor B.V., zijn optimaal beveiligd. Dit maakt het ¬†mogelijk om zonder problemen informatie met uw collega’s te delen. Uw bijdragen worden aan uw persoonlijke profiel toegevoegd. Nodig actief collega’s uit om te participeren!